The Moon Seven Times

It HAD been ten years since our last show. No one stopped us from playing another one, but what are we supposed to do now?

Saturday, 9 August, 2008

Don Got Tagged AGAIN, So We Have to Help Him Out

Don has been tagged by Anonymous after he politely declined to participate in the MeMe when Stephanie tagged him the first time. In order to respect Don's wishes and also not risk the wrath of the Internet Traditions MeMe Overlighting Devas, we will publish an official response using magical disappearing ink, visible only to those who already know the six things about Don.

Six Random Things About Don:

In turn, we tag the following:

Good luck with that.

Saturday, 26 July, 2008

Wednesday, 23 July, 2008

Big News!

There was lots of action last week as I carefully and repeatedly considered rereading the June email exchanges in which I promised to look at some posters for Don or drive to Henry's house and pick something up. I also thought about asking someone if they knew whether the video of the big May show was done yet. Unfortunately I saw something shiny...

Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

Reviews of the Big Show

"AWESOME Show last night! I shall once again start prowling on eBay for M7x stuff, for, yes, I too have a record player (and the eagle recently screamed). Get your autographing pen ready!"
- Booradley D

"I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great show last night. I was transfixed, singing along with every line, and reminiscing about seeing M7x shows when I was in college. You guys are masters of being ethereal/spooky/moody, having fun, and rocking out at the same time. Anyway, thanks for a great show!"
- Clint Popetz

"[Brendan's playing]'s pretty tasty--not a lot of extraneous bullshit...Mostly I thought your voices were staggeringly beautiful together...Also I liked the bass player. The bubble gum is a good touch for a bassist. And the seersucker."
- Gabriel Solis, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology

"Sorry about the Stevie Nicks comment."
- John of the song "John," 'from the fabulous new high top world of sound'

"I was glad to see you together again, and I think you sounded even better than you did twelve years ago. Was it fun? It looked fun. When's the next show?"
- B. X. Wilkinsen

"Oh man... I wish we could have managed it... just not the right time... Owen would have been SO impressed with you."
- Cynthia, blogger

"I'm so bummed I missed the show."
- Stephanie, blogger

"Brendan is such a tasteful drummer that I wanted to kill Larry for not bringing him up more in the mix."
- Jesse Brown, abuser of keyboards and sound engineers

"I really don't like Moon Pies, Mom."
- Xanthe, who fell asleep during the set

Hold the Phone! Gordon Pellegrinetti Sent More Pix!

Friday, 30 May, 2008

Way Back When

This is from before the beginning of the Moon Seven Times. The shoulder Lynn's crying on is Henry's, or at least the sweater on the shoulder looks like one Henry used to wear way back then, and it is therefore somewhat likely to have been on him that day and in that picture. Or he would have been somewhere nearby. (Photo courtesy of the Steph or "She Who Is Not to Be Uncredited.")